attention fellow Whovians!

i’ve successfully converted my four-year-old brother into one of us! ~.~ (actually i already did that quite a while ago already, but this is the first time i’m posting his fan art)

two days ago on Sunday, we decided to draw something together and this is what came of it. the first thing he drew was the black and white rocket/ship with the pilot, then it was the blue and green planet (which is not Earth, but Saturn), and then another black and blue ship that was the bad guys’.

then, however, it all got very Doctor Who. i helped him draw the brown castle with the Doctor’s portrait on it (and some awfully drawn “Gallifreyan” that’s not Gallifreyan at all i know - i’m horrible at drawing so i apologise for everything i’ve done hahah). this is not the big castle thingy we see whenever they show Gallifrey. this is The Doctor’s castle. just so you know. and the blue thing on top of the castle is the TARDIS, because The Doctor finally fixed it and it can change its shape again.

then he drew the time vortex (blue and yellow circle but yellow dots coming out of it). the yellow dots that connect it to the castle are things that remind The Doctor of Gallifrey so he can successfully find his way back there, because my brother said the war is now over and he can definitely go back. the things that remind him of Gallifrey are, for example, his friends from Gallifrey. the second nearest to the castle reminds him why he needed to timelock the planet, but the one nearest to the castle reminds him that the war is now over and he can go back. i seriously wanted to cry when he told me all of this. so many wishes and feels and ah~!

the yellow creature with the brown sword that’s next to the bad guys’ guarded The Doctor’s castle during the war.

i know the whole thing is really crowded but for some reason, i really like it. it’s probably because of the time vortex and Gallifrey thing with the dots leading their way back to Gallifrey. and the Doctor’s portrait, even though i made his hair look more like Tennant’s, i think, but i can’t draw at all anyway!

but most of it is my brother’s doing and i love how much he loves The Doctor ~.~

oh, and one last thing! while uploading the photos, my brother was eating when he suddenly said this: "I think the angel clapped its hands!"

we have a little angel on the windowsill and i immediately looked at it and wanted to both laugh and cry out in horror because of the Weeping Angels. my little brother knows NOTHING about them because i’ve only shown him episodes suited for him (two Christmas episodes and a few others, like the one with Madame de Pompadour). he said that the angel clapped its hands because he (my brother) was doing such a good job at eating.

i really hope that’s the case.

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